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Packages that use LogFactory
org.apache.commons.logging Jakarta Commons Logging implemented over SLF4J. 
org.apache.commons.logging.impl SLF4J based implementation of commons-logging wrapper APIs. 

Uses of LogFactory in org.apache.commons.logging

Fields in org.apache.commons.logging declared as LogFactory
protected static LogFactory LogFactory.nullClassLoaderFactory
           This property is not used but preserved here for compatibility.

Methods in org.apache.commons.logging that return LogFactory
static LogFactory LogFactory.getFactory()
           Construct (if necessary) and return a LogFactory instance, using the following ordered lookup procedure to determine the name of the implementation class to be loaded.
protected static LogFactory LogFactory.newFactory(String factoryClass, ClassLoader classLoader)
          This method exists to ensure signature compatibility.
protected static LogFactory LogFactory.newFactory(String factoryClass, ClassLoader classLoader, ClassLoader contextClassLoader)
          This method exists to ensure signature compatibility.

Uses of LogFactory in org.apache.commons.logging.impl

Subclasses of LogFactory in org.apache.commons.logging.impl
 class SLF4JLogFactory
           Concrete subclass of LogFactory which always delegates to the org.slf4j.LoggerFactory class.

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