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Packages that use TimeInstrument
org.slf4j.profiler Poor man's profiler API 

Uses of TimeInstrument in org.slf4j.profiler

Classes in org.slf4j.profiler that implement TimeInstrument
 class Profiler
          A poor man's profiler to measure the time elapsed performing some lengthy task.
 class StopWatch
          A very basic @{link TimeInstrument} which can be started and stopped once and only once.

Methods in org.slf4j.profiler that return TimeInstrument
 TimeInstrument TimeInstrument.stop()
          Stop this time instrument.
 TimeInstrument StopWatch.stop()
 TimeInstrument Profiler.stop()

Methods in org.slf4j.profiler that return types with arguments of type TimeInstrument
 List<TimeInstrument> Profiler.getCopyOfChildTimeInstruments()
          Return a copy of the child instrument list for this Profiler instance.

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