Source code repositories

We store the project's source code in a revision control system called Git. Developers have write access to the repository, enabling them to make changes to the source code. Everyone else has read-access to the repository. Thus, anyone can check out latest development version of the software. Note that the latest version in the repository may not work as expected. It may even not compile. If you are looking for a stable release, then download an official distribution.

There are several ways to access the git repository:

Web Access

If you just wish to browse around or download a few individual files, you can do so with your web-browser:

on github (slow but rich)
on;a=summary (fast but minimal)


Anyone can clone the slf4j repository. All you need is a git client. To clone our SLF4J git repository, issue one of the two following commands:

transport protocol git clone command
git git clone git://
git git clone git://
http git clone

In principle, the repositories listed above have identical contents.


Previously, we relied on Subversion as our version control system. Git is considerably better.