The current experimental and actively developed version of SLF4J is 2.1.0-alpha1.

STABLE version

The current stable and actively developed version of SLF4J is 2.0.13.

Older stable version (INACTIVE)

The older stable SLF4J version is 1.7.36. It is no longer actively developed.

Maven central

SLF4J artifacts such as .jar, .sources.jar and javadoc.jar files can be downloaded from Maven central. The corresponding groupId is org.slf4j.

Verifying contents

All SLF4J artifacts published on Maven central are signed. For each artifact, there is an associated signature file with the .asc suffix. See SECURITY.md for detailed instructions.

Since early 2022, all SLF4J binaries are reproducible. To verify fidelity to the source code, check out the source code from github with the tag corresponding to the version you wish to verify. Build and compare.