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Packages that use FormattingTuple
org.slf4j.helpers Helper classes. 

Uses of FormattingTuple in org.slf4j.helpers

Fields in org.slf4j.helpers declared as FormattingTuple
static FormattingTuple FormattingTuple.NULL

Methods in org.slf4j.helpers that return FormattingTuple
static FormattingTuple MessageFormatter.arrayFormat(String messagePattern, Object[] argArray)
          Same principle as the MessageFormatter.format(String, Object) and MessageFormatter.format(String, Object, Object) methods except that any number of arguments can be passed in an array.
static FormattingTuple MessageFormatter.format(String messagePattern, Object arg)
          Performs single argument substitution for the 'messagePattern' passed as parameter.
static FormattingTuple MessageFormatter.format(String messagePattern, Object arg1, Object arg2)
          Performs a two argument substitution for the 'messagePattern' passed as parameter.

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