Class BasicProfilerDemo

  • public class BasicProfilerDemo
    extends Object
    This demo illustrates usage of SLF4J profilers.

    We have been given the task of generating a large number, say N, of random integers. We need to transform that array into a smaller array containing only prime numbers. The new array has to be sorted.

    While tackling this problem, we would like to measure the time spent in each subtask.

    A typical output for this demo would be:

       + Profiler [BASIC]
       |-- elapsed time                      [A]   213.186 milliseconds.
       |-- elapsed time                      [B]  2499.107 milliseconds.
       |-- elapsed time                  [OTHER]  3300.752 milliseconds.
       |-- Total                         [BASIC]  6014.161 milliseconds.
    Ceki Gulcu